Birch – 2 Bedroom (1 Queen, Two Twin Beds)

Birch has two bedrooms – one has a queen bed and the other has two twins.

image imageimage image


4 thoughts on “Birch – 2 Bedroom (1 Queen, Two Twin Beds)

  1. Hi my name is xxx. I’m wondering if you’re available Friday night and Saturday night, November 1 and second? We are going up to visit my dad and my stepmom. We have stayed with you before in the past. Multiple family members on and Off. And are you pet friendly. I have two small dogs, Both are hypoallergenic. It would be three people. All I would need is two queen beds two single beds and a queen. My dad had had a massive heart attack two weeks ago, and my stepmom had a brain tumor the same day. So we are trying to get up there as much as possible to help out with whatever we can. My phone number is xxx.

  2. We do have space those dates, but not in Birch. Oak is available. It has a queen bed, king bed, and four singles. Pets are welcome.
    Because you are a repeat guest, I can give you a bit of a price break – $190 per night vs. the usual $210.

  3. Hello I was wondering if the birch cottage would be available for two nights for June 27 and 28 and how much it would be for each night? Thank you

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